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If you are a student - with perhaps a project relating to the water industry - then there are some useful places to search for information.

Under "facts" there is a page giving a brief "over view" of the industry. You are also welcome to use any of the information on this site, all we ask is that you give a reference to the source.

The water industry regulator for England and Wales, OFWAT, provides some very good comparative data on the performance of each water company. Go to the publications page on their web site Reports you may find useful are:

  • Water and sewerage service unit costs and relative efficiency

  • Levels of service for the water industry in England and Wales

The water industry association, which represents the interests of all the water companies, is called Water UK see

Probably the most useful water company web site is Anglian Water (see map page). This site also has the best links to other water information sites.

If you are looking for information on your local environment especially the local rivers, water extraction and effluent discharge then you should contact the Environment Agency. They publish excellent local area plans giving detailed maps of each river basin. Better still they are free!

Have fun!

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