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Marketing Mistakes

1 Not focusing on the needs of your customers

I have seen many companies that proclaim the "customer is king" . However when you asked them how many times they have personally talked with customers that week the answer is none. In winning companies everyone talks to customers. They all know who the main customers are and what are their main requirements. It is only by really listening to your customers that you will understand what they need and how you can help them.

2 Not segmenting the market

Customers are different. They are not a homogenous group but collages made up of groups of customers with differing priorities and needs. By targeting specific segments of the market you can more closely match your product with the needs of the customer. It is only by meeting their requirements that the customer will buy from you.

Look at the huge range of cars now available. They all get you from a to b but not everyone wants to buy a mini. Understand the specific requirements of a group of customers and differentiate your product to meet that need.

3 Not learning from your competitors

If you have 100% of the market perhaps you have no competitors. However if you have less than 100% then some one thinks that your competitor is better than you. Why? Identify all your competitors, check their performance, talk to their customers. By really understanding your competitors will you be able to assess your ability to compete. Competitors can help you learn how to improve. Copy and rapidly implement the best ideas. It is by constantly innovating that you will stay ahead.

4 Not constantly striving to exceed your customers expectations

I find many suppliers complaining that price is the only factor. Yes you must offer real value for money but factors like quality, delivery, performance, technical support are also important. By getting involved with the customer early in the decision making process there is more chance to really understand their requirements. Working with your customers you can make opportunities to really exceed their expectations.


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